A bed of gravel and reprieving
Johannes Lothar SchrÜder for the exhibition BREMSVORTEIL
(brake advantage) 2008
by Ulli Falke  and Carola Bahnmčller
and halftime through the project of the year.

Via a Notfallspur (emergency lane) you arrived as a visitor of the exhibition in the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM. In the EINSTELLUNGS- RAUM Ulli Falke and Carola Bahnmčller recreated a bed of gravel like it is found next to dangerous steep routes.This miniature of an emergency lane is modeled after a real where trucks are able to sink in should the brakes not work during a drive down a hill. But there are drivers who like to save the money for an expensive recovery and let it roll. 'So far  nothing really happened' is the common excuse.

The title of the exhibition is "Bremsvorteil" and obviously promises an answer to the question what is the advantage of slowing down. This question arises in a time when dicey behavior and collective appetite for risk is preached through neo-liberal ideology. Its apologists want to show credibly that atomic reactors are adapted to save carbon dioxide. Populists on the other hand like to act on such thoughts and announce reduction of cost contrary to an emerging increase in cost for electricity generated by atomic power. Politicians fancy themselves as magicians when they think they can start a perpetuum mobile contrary to all intelligence.  So once again - just like 40 years ago - atomic power is campaigned for even though nobody has solved the crucial task so far where
and how to store radio active material over tens of thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands or millions of years. Such time periods overwhelm people that find it hard to remember events a year, a century or hundreds of years ago. Well, it seems that just this weakness of memory brings people to take collective risks. Ignoring cultural benchmarks it is obviously hard for them to imagine how something that is started today will look like in the future.

Imagination is an aesthetic category by which art is connected with almost all areas of human life, also with road traffic - which is part of the program of the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM.

Time dimensions

When I talked with Ulli Falke and Caraola Bahnmueller when assembling the exhibition we spoke about the subject leisure which is a precondition for power of imagination and obviously hard to cope with under the condition of acceleration with resources becoming more scarce. Because it is clearly paradoxical that in politics growth as a means for and against everything is continuously advocated for even though the Club of Rome already in the 60s predicted the limits of growth.

Processes of growth and acceleration show that we humans have

Text Carola Bahnmčller
Text Carola Bahnmčller
Weitere Bilder der Installation
more photographs of the installation