What interests me most is how do I get to a status of concentrated aimlessness from an often rushed, restless, purposeful state  when I simply repeat thoughts and actions often unchallenged.
I am challenged to do things in a big freedom of mind. With a feeling to have time in abundance. Like in a child's summer, in Laumer's barn climb up the beams and jump down into fragrance. Again and again into fragrance. To widen my perception.  When the traffic lights force me to stop even though I am late  and allows me on my way home to notice the mice population on the green stripe next to the road for the first time.
Or i walk, just walk "so fuer mich hin
und nichts zu suchen, das ist mein Sinn" (just for my self and not to look for something - that's my intention) [ after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe], and an idea, a solution an answer appears out of the blue for a long carried around question.
I can create conditions for this state but not create the state itself.
Helpfully appears to me to brake.

Carola BahnmŸller, 2008

EinfŸhrung J.L. Schroeder 
introduction J.L. Schroeder                                                                                                                                                      
Weitere Bilder der Installation
more photographs of the installation