Dokufoto: Ottmar von Poschinger-C.-S.
Julia Eltner: WIEDERSEHEN, Installation, 2007
                     70 x 80 x 50cm, Alfi-Kannen,Glas.
Julia  Eltner: WIEDERSEHEN *, installation, 2007
                    70x80x50cm, Alfi containers, glas.

documentation (C): Ottmar von Poschinger-Camphausen-Sünner


'wiedersehen' (literally translated: 'to see again';  term is used in the German greeting "Auf Wiedersehen" = good bye. Pronounciation of 'wieder' is the same as in 'wider', which is used in composition with other words, for example 'widerspiegeln' = to mirror/to reflect. Hence some double meaning is implied here - see text)


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Einführungsrede Nora Sdun    english

Julia Eltner: WIEDERSEHEN, 2007, Installation und Video   Julia Eltner: WIEDERSEHEN *, 2007 installation and video
Dokufoto: Ottmar
Julia Eltner: o.T. Installation, 2007, Alfi-Kannen und Diaprojektion                                                                                              Foto (C):Ottmar von Poschinger-Camphausen-Sünner
Julia Eltner: without title,. Installation. 2007, Alfi containers and slide projection.