A fine mechanical electonical crafts work and a guided view direction hence produce fantasies of a vehicle stearer. This is a psychological effect which pushes through against better knowledge  and reason.
Of course everyone is always cheerful and happy when something moves, be it a car or a purring striking mecha- nism. This is simply childish enthusiasm which is happy in front of electrical trainsets, but goes as fast as it comes when it becomes clear that no moving variations can be provoked. "Ei, das geht alles nicht, wie die Mechanik nun einmal gemacht ist, muss sie bleiben", (Well, this all does not work, like mechanics has been made so it has to stay), says godfather Drosselmeier in E.T.A.Hoffmann's horrific christ- massy fairy tale "Nussknacker und Mausekšnig" (The nutcracker and the mouse king), and he is dismayed about the enterprising roughness of little Fritz who does not only want to rule over the mechanics but preferrably also over the whole chistmas room. And this is what it is about: subjugation by stearing. This is what one also does in 2006 around Easter with the help of radio technics this time and with much larger  movement variations, but mainly with over-the-top fantasies of stearing.

Nathanael, from the story "Der Sandmann" (the sandman), has fallen undyingly in love in an automaton girl and out of pure projection and a  high in hormones he does not see how artfully this automation is constructed - finally Nathanael becomes mad and falls harshly and top of that deadly into the depth. The better the machine functions the more easily. One's own potency is projected into the machien. Nathanael has fallen in love so immensely namely becasue the automation female has not contradictory words - hence he has to be convincing. For the feeling of true power development one does not have to have trust god any longer but rather in the specialty retail of electrical supply.

In his book that came about for theis work Mathieu Turken mentions a psychological feature of human beings. They are capable of developing fine machines and reasonable inventions but they are to such a degree vain and what is
even more strange they are blind in connection with technical advances so that to install an acquisition of their spiritial supremacy they do not just install the gadget but have to make such a fuss to realize this simple construc- tion dignified and power conscious.

A delicate constellation of jewellery, decorum, intimidation and idea that must interest all artists  funddamentally. How is the relation between effort of the presentation and idea that is supposed to be presented?
Whole branches of artproduction have specialized on impressive demonstrations of demonstration, others despair of the vanity of the business and make only spare marks.
Mathieu Turken is pragmatist and on top trained in fine mechanics and electrical engineering, enabling him to transfer notes in little machines. On the other hand he is too much interested in the ideas to dedicate himself solely to the demonstrations.

Most impressive in this connection of power, idea, decorum is Turken's example of the 5000 years old astronomical direction finders. Three stones would be completely sufficiant and were enought even then to mark winter- and sommer-solstices, but no, one builds complete fortifications all around them - for example
Now the esoterics may cry out that Stomhange can do much more than a few simple cross and douple findings and they are all too right - Stonhange can draw tourists magically. The strange mixture of presentation of technical progress  and presentation of power that draws magically stays. One needs a complete construction to demonstrate one effect convincingly, for the function of which only three stones were needed.

Possibly inventors think anyways that their inventions are not understood but can still be used very much. This condition stands for most inventions. The touching of light switches bears much more magical quality than technical competence. One just feels sure.