Antje Bromma:    to brake and to fly                                                    28.08. - 12.09.2008

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Antje Bromma: To brake and to fly
Detail of the Installation 2008, photo: Antje Bromma
To brake and to fly
I present ramified possibilities for people and small animals in space.
As I move around the city mainly by bike or by foot on my ways often garbage from street traffic catches my eyes.Lots of what is lying around provokes my curiosity (my interest there is visual as well as haptic as well as olfactory...) and I stop, get off my bike and pick it up. Most of the time I take it with me to the studio or home.
Some parts I leave there intentionally in order to see what happens with them with passing time: will they be cleaned away, will they weather, and so on.
Anyhows over the years I have permanently developed for myself an alternative orientation system from bagatelles that  emerges 'wildly' - so-to-say - in the city.
Sometimes though there are so many occasions for me to stop on my way that I worry never to arrive.
The bagatelles become hurdles that delay me. I do not get to my destination as quickly as possible because always something peculiar draws my attention.
Antje Bromma, 2008
This exhibition is the 7the of the year project BREMSEN (braking) of EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.  2008
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Gefšrdert von der Kulturbehšrde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und Bezirksamt Wandsbek