I am pleased to welcome you all for the present exhibition Nebelscheinwerfer (fog lamps) by Ralf Jurszo and
Die Goldene Karosse
(the golden carriage) by Mathias Will.
Ladies and gentleman just moments ago you have stepped out of your golden carriage or maybe also just out of the Underground, have taken some steps through the dark and stepped over the doorstep into the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM - and now you think you have escaped the bad light conditions. Not right! In the meantime a specially thick fog has come up here, which will lead you today to one or another lane and will introduce to you the meaning of the middle line. Further several functions of the car will be presented to you, which you may not at all have noticed until now and with all likelihood have not yet exhausted. let yourself be inspired.
Who is familiar a little with Ralf Jurszo's painting knows: he likes nature. In his paintings he likes to depict in opposition nature and modern human actions, if not always praisable ones, and brings together premodern and modern times with his oldmasterly extremely detailed style of painting.

When you have a look around here you may be astonished how many roads have gained access to the centre of his work now . -
A sudden change of mind? Not at all. Just an Iceland journey inspiriedRalf Jurszo to the works exhibited here. If one thinks of wide landscapes, geysires and iceland ponys in connection with Island - Jurszo discovered the streets there. He got concious about  how much the human being is depending on the street if he/she wants to be mobile but cannot ride a horse.
In Iceland is the area beyond the street so impassable  that the speed of the wheeled traveler would be slowed down to walking pace if he / she got off the road.The street dominates the course of the journey, the middle line gives the direction. Strongly influenced by his travel impressions Ralf Jurszo staged the street and its seemingly eternity in his paintings especially by fading out all further street markings and street borderings. The middle line is in the centre.
As well aggravating as fascinating travelling is the fog which is particualarly thick on the island and which simply swallows hole parts of the world. one cannot only look as far as the fog lamps reach, everything beyond that remains subject of individual fantasy  or suspicion. Whilst the fog causes the street drawn by the middle line to seem endless, the traveller follows that line so-to-say blindly, always trusting that just that leads him/her through the wide landscape to the wished destination, which depending on the shape of the misty veils takes different forms for the eyes.

Mathias Will on the other hand takes aim at the heavily overvalued meaning for society of the car. Already the  title he chose depict this relevance: die Goldene Karosse (the golden carriage). Majestically the car stands above all else, it is status symbol and identification factor. As is well known bragging happens on all levels: with speed, with skill, performance, size, form and color. This crazyness Mathias Will averts exemplarily with four especially fancy car modells: he reduces their normally so blasˇ play of color to red, black, green and blue, and sets in contrast to this a simple ever same part of a forest which he puts behind the objects of desire. With that he confronts the artificial and the natural and eventually you, the onlooker, with the choice...
But Mathias Will filters out another quite different functions of the motorized vehicle :
That is its manyfolded meaning in films. Four central aspects made it and managed to get onto the black columns which mark this room. With different film scenes and dialogues it is presented to us that the car is well-aimed instrumentalized by the director always when the plot is supposed to go into a different direction, for example:
Is the situation completly confounded and there seems to be no  escape from the dead-locked relations - then a car as a present is given and everything rolls again.
Or: everything is going along, the characters are cruising relaxed along the autobahn - then all of a sudden the standstill: a traffic