Sun, moon: to reflect rays

Traffic islands:

Sign island

Morseblinkfilm, that broadcasts poetical texts (according to the sun), speed and height of tone different depending on the text.
And a night film on the Elbe that receives light/tone (according to the moon).
Discovery of the long-short harbor lights, discovery at the same time of long-short in Bach fugues.
Sign cloths: writing of a disappeared language, an abstract secret code, drawing.
Survival foil: reflecting plain (moony),  isolates heat and cold.
Traffic hieroglyphs, picture-like signs (egyptian, chinese) speaks of traffic in about 20th and 21th century.

Crawl basement:
underground traffic, fantasy island.
Glow-worms (sun) are the living beings who produce most effective rays in relation to their energy household to flicker "Female - here I am". I have drawn into the game the traffic-strong and transport-keen ants. They have flicker gadgets on their transparent, reflective bodies.  The most beautiful ones wear reflective disks to enhance attention - combination rays/reflecting. In seclusion two Norniers (youth, old age) that attendantly watch  the action. For me the most pleasant room, an unconscious designing of the room with wire. Craftswork, trying, by rocking and swaying I let myself be inspired to new stand-support possibilities. A room that works with the new traffic beams for bicycles, that is the statement "Attention" interpreted around to 'come hither'. The stick animal is an all-around guard: beams to all sides even onto itself. Rays as surveillance, discovery:

"Only Helios who shines on to everything on earth is able to tell."

Store room:
traffic island: luciforms.
Everything that reflects from the transport business. Since about one year collection LA GOMERA - the beginning, my collection of reflectors and browsing trips through car supply stores in Frankfurt  and Hamburg:
1. the fashion show: the emergency vests became a working unit when I found reflecting ribbon material. Abstract heads wandering through the night looking for help.

I ask for action: with the traffic vests and the sticks once around the crossroad.

2. Then the protective foil for the windshield with street perspective, head-shape with ears,
Blinding and darkening (blind mirror).
Another arthistory reminiscence: The famous couple, most fantastic profiles. And each person sits on a triumph-vehicle: with me they sit in a car and instead of watching the traffic they look into each others eyes.
The red backside (model La Gomera) is a chaotic and absurd traffic-signs-island.
Rien ne va plus (history: recently building site highway, at night, lights  spread like a wild fire.)
3. The small reflector objects, that spiritualize and express the
beautiful appearance.
Geometrical order and couple of contrast: absorb and reflect light.
4. Lightboxes with silhouette drawings from a everydays' traffic situations: cloud of exhaust, person who was driven over, collision, traffic jam
5. Silhouette theatre to help build on: wild traffic.

I ask for many models, events and accidents.

Shopping window:
6. The shopping mall: reflector lightboxes and fragrant-water boxes: 30.-EUR. Fine book ends or steelcut lamps, the special gift 120.-EUR
Sabine Kramer

reflective vests demonstration
luciforms        Vernissage