KOLUNSE - fire in the movement
Torsten Bruch
03.02.- 04.03.05

introduction  03.02.05  7 p.m.
opening       10.02.05   7 p.m.

open: wedn. and friday 5 - 8 p.m.
and with agreeing upon

Verein zur Vermittlung von Projekten
zwischen Autofahrern und FussgŠngern

Wandsbeker Chaussee 11
22089 Hamburg
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press text:
kolunse - fire in the movement
description of the installation

In the gallery the floor has been covered with soil.
From the ceiling to the sink hangs a half pillar of milky transparent material. Onto the pillar a video is projected. The video shows
a figure from head to toe in front of a three part background. The figure wears a light flowing garment. When the figure turns the background changes, too. With the turn the figure performs a locality change at the same time. She is confronted with situations with other human beings, greets, says good-bye and turns again. The background consists of three different levels of landscape which have been copied into each other in videographically.


Torsten Bruch tackles with individual mythologies after the End of the Great Stories, here he watches in body pictures the psychological development of the self as well as re-stages relicts of the Great Stories. In tableaux vivantes figure and pose
stand as example for a subjective observing in the face of a consuming society.
The handed down term of paradise, what the year project for 2005 of the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V. deals with, is connoted
by Torsten Bruch with the possibilty of movement, that is with the possibility to turn around.
On 03.02.2005 Torsten Bruch will give some insight into his way of working.  On 10.02.05 at 7 p.m. the exhibition will be opened.

Torsten Bruch
1973            born in Hannover
1995 - 2003 HfbK (academy for fine arts) Braunschweig
                    with Raimund Kummer and Johannes Brus
                    Diplom with honors
2001            Erasmus-scholarship to ƒcole Superieure
                    des Beaux Arts Toulouse, France
from 2003    member OF KŸnstlerhaus FRISE (house for artists), Hamburg
livs in Hamburg

1998        in-between-rooms I  Kunstverein (Fine-Art-Association) Hannover/Germany
2000        Transfer
railway-station Braunschweig/Germany
2002        will o'-the-wisp-ing
I Agathenburg at Stade/Germany
2004        Smoke on the Water
Kopenhagen/ Danmark
2004        Auto-Single, FRISE - KŸnstlerhaus Hamburg e.V./Germany
stage scenery:
2003        calculated allowance of breakage
I Zeise-Halls Hamburg/Germany
                PhaidraĠs Love, Zeise-Halls Hamburg, director: Marta Gil Polo
2004         Wish-Concert-Samurai,  The Thalia Theater, Hamburg/Germany