I  =  m  x  v   Teil 1  11/ 01

Monika Hahn: objects of blanc neutrality  1998 /
Joerg Seifert: being in the mood for transport / 11 / 01
installation, 2001, mixed media
foto(c) : Monika Hahn

I  = m  x  v   Teil 2 11/ 12 / 01

Hinrich Gross 
light installation with 4 slide projektors
Lydia Hartmann : field
Lutz Krueger: wall
2 objects

"Speed: meter per second, used time for a distance taken, should it remain the same, is it allright for it to become faster and slower, how does it stop again? Speed of light, the fastest at this time, but not comprehensible visually, super sonic speed, visually comprehensible and hearable, in kung-fu one hears the speed of the swung strike, slowmove time, snail speed, conscious walking, bpm, beats per minute, the heart adjusts. 

Mass: big, heavy, or small and not visible. Body, wall, space, art, light stream, an electromag- netic wave. Interestingly at the present possible highest reachable speed a micro part comes about and only for the time of the movement, particel, atom, feather light, pool of information, black holes. 

Impuls: energy, force, push, shove, energy never gets lost, powerfood, push, stream, flow of energy, nuclear fission, breath, suck, thunder and lightning, flood of words, resonance, parting of cells, storm, push for thinking, perpetuum mobile, why actuallly does the earth still turn around itself?

The first thing HINRICH GROSS said to me was thathe had liked the coyness of the formula right away. Especially the characters interested him. The character of  the mass, the speed and the impuls. If you try to combine with each other like in the formula the phrases which associate which I mentioned just now then you will not only notice right away the manifoldness of the variations but also their quality.

All elements appear in the slide show by Gross and the formula works. Of course optically. What moves are slides in four roundabouts  Rhythm is not important, a certain synchronization is wished for but not necessary. The slideprojectors are placed in a way that the pictures are seen right next to each other without border one is next to the other. The mass of picture is transparent, light  transports the picture information. It is collected on the wall, which by that becomes a spot of cut at first. The impuls comes out of the outlet. Thus the formula seems superficial. And internal? With us?

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