Norbert Wilting HEIDELBERG MACHINE | EchtzeitPlastik* 06. 26. 02.10 german
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Norbert Wilting: HEIDELBERG MACHINE | EchtzeitPlatik*,  2010
Routine. Like in trance. Always the same route.
Heidelberger Maschine is a project by the artist Norbert Wilting, during its course developing EchtzeitPlastik* with the help of a computer program, generated in dependency to the
day's form
With this project it is about the possibility to create objects in direct dependency of a driving situation. The connection of both elements is with the creation of a poetical perception which is provoked by something banal.
By this the condition to create a figurative form is established.

Norbert Wilting, Cologne/G., 2010
The 1th. exhibition in HYBRID EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V. * A term created by the artist - literally translated it says 'real time statue'.
Introduction: Johannes L.Schroeder
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