Christine Carstens 

It dschungels, 2003 mixed media

..."Three cut-out convertibles are speeding along just under the ceiling. Time disks of parking meter disks are hanging in the shop window as 'flower 3000" - I say it to remind that this was a flowershop in the past - parking meter disks are available as scanned pictures in foil, they are called 'arrival time', doormats add up to 'footward' , there where it used to go upwards - the stairs are gone now - down there in the gorge there is the parking area set in scene as a magically illuminated dream space and in 'hin und weg' (lost and gone) there is scanned a blank cabriolet-color-in picture, once seen parted in four, then again intact"...

"Cabriofeeling", Digiprints, Installations by Christine Carstens, Einstellungsraum, 6.3.2003, 7 p.m. 
Dr. Iris.S. Engelke
VG-Wort-Nr. 9300912
Hamburg * Februar 2003