Marnie Moldenhauer: Periphery or beyond the border outland begins | space work |  floor flag  painting
04.- 26.03.2010 german
Foto Marnie Moldenhauer
Marnie Moldenhauer: space work - floor tile  painting - detail,  2010
Parts of the noticeable flaged floor have seemingly broken off and morphed into painting which as airy light material spread across the walls converted the floor to a new colourful level. The heavy, useable, immobile floor thus is broken off its functionality and experiences a metamorphoses to a materiality which is innermost different and where the flags' language of form becomes visible anew.
A space work arises which questions the technical quest for efficiency and the usability and converts it to a playful form that withdraws from the system of values of reason and usage.
Following the thought of hybrid no new valence is supposed to become with this but a symbioses of both systems that ideally complement and expand themselves.
Marnie Moldenhauer 02/2010

The 02th. exhibition in HYBRID EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.
Introduction: Dr. Johannes L.Schršder
Supported by the department for culture, sports and media of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek