BiÕs Cruising Tours

At the occasion of das Paradies und das Auto (the paradise and the car) /EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.

Birgit Dunkel: Car driving as specific way of being and experiencing in the living space of the automobil: with athmospheric side effects, with getting in and out, with real movements in real studios, with de facto and poetical fiction, with simple instructions for actions and snacks.
Moved about by wheels with machine and hood we glide through city spaces, landscapes, industrial spaces and - fallows. Driving through these spaces, combined with acustical signals, like voices or music, simulates a trance like experience in those spaces full of statical movement.
The visual fields are stimulated and illuminate the linguistic chines lanterns.


Bi's Cruising Tours are pure driving experiences of 1_up to 2 hours duration through a contrast rich city landscape of pre-christmas-sy Hamburg with captain Birgit Dunkel at the wheel.

Saturday, 17.12.05
1.Tour at 14.30 h
2.Tour about 16.00 h

Meeting point:
Wandsbeker Chaussee 11
22089 Hamburg
(Exhibition until 6th of jan. 2006: Claus Bšhmler:KŸnstliche Paradiese [artificial paradises]).
Underground station U1 Wartenau or bus 25  35  36

Tel./Fax: 040-2514168

charge: 5 Euro
limited number of 4 people